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31 October 2012

Short Film Competition: a word from our sponsors

In a dusty street of Morocco, a young boy is breathless as he runs to find his uncle, anxious that he has not completed the task he was sent out to do. Across the continent in post-apocalyptic vision of Nairobi, a boy runs through the slum, his head transformed into a TV set which records and broadcasts the dream-like world around him. And in rural Zambia, a boy pounds his feet along the earth, trying to gain enough momentum to take off in flight.

The prevalence of youth in many of this year’s short films at the Africa in Motion festival was particularly striking. The relatively short lives lived so far by each of these boys makes them ideal central characters for the short film form, and as you imagine their lives will continue, you simultaneously imagine  what kind of feature films these shorts could turn into. Consequently, watching a screening of such high-quality and original shorts as these gives a unique feeling of excitement in the possibilities of the future. It is precisely this sense of possibility which makes The Africa Channel proud sponsors of the competition.


We are passionate about African film, we want to encourage the work of up-and-coming filmmakers, and we are dedicated to broadcasting Africa film and programming to as wide an audience as possible. As with the audience at Africa in Motion, our viewers can be people with an African background, they can be people with some connection to Africa through friends, work or study, and they can also be people with no connection to Africa to speak of, but who simply enjoy great stories. 

We are happy to say that these great stories are about to be shared with even more people, as the winning and runner up films will be screened on The Africa Channel on Sky channel 209 and Virgin channel 828. You can catch the winning film Mwansa the Great and Le Parrain on Saturday 17th November at 11pm, Sunday 18th November at 1pm, and again on Thursday 22nd Nov at 11pm.  

If, like us, you have been inspired by the films screened at this year’s Africa in Motion, you can find a whole host of award-winning films on The Africa Channel, including Daratt, Surfing Soweto, Heartlines, Heart of Fire & Rachida. 


Caitlin Pearson, The Africa Channel



title photo: L-R Kari Ann Shiff (AiM), Marie Lora-Mungai (, Isabel Mendes (AiM), Catilin Pearson (The Africa Channel)

in text photo: still from the winning short film - Mwansa The Great 


AiM would like to thank the sponsors of the Short Film Competition the Africa Channel and for their support.

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