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29 October 2012

Short Film Competition (part 3: Who Killed Me)

Our Short Film Competition is on today in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. Featuring in it is Who Killed Me with a new take on the whodunit. Here is a bio of director Amil Shivji. If you have any questions for Amil please post them as comments here and he will get back to you.

Amil Shivji is a recent graduate from the Film Production program at York University in Canada. He is currently based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, his homeland, as a freelance filmmaker. He believes Filmmaking is the strongest medium for bringing about social change by confronting social and political injustice. He has always felt the pull of media having experience as a news reporter and a radio host now as a filmmaker. Neocolonialism, cultural and political imperialism and Palestinian solidarity have been at the centre of his activist and media work. He is particularly interested in using his work to challenge historical and contemporary misrepresentations of the African continent.

(Words by Amil Shivji. Photos from the shooting of 'Who Killed Me' - Veronica Ladico explaining the lighting setup on Day 2 of production to Director Amil Shivji and a scene between two actors Sheila Kombe and Iman Ayorinde.)

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